On My Father and On Happiness

Another small hint fiction and a slightly larger story for you. I feel bad for not posting another story yesterday, so I’ll catch up today.

On My Father

He loves peanut butter,
He loves chocolate,
But he hates Reese’s.

On Happiness

When you ache
From all the times you thought you’d fail
And you were sure it was over;
When you thought you were stuck,
And that someone pulls you up.

On Baseball

In honor of spring training and the weather being nicer, I’m posting a short story on baseball, titled: On Baseball. This is shorter than usual, so I might post something a little later on in the day. Stay tuned!

On Baseball

No one has enough time
To sit and watch
A newly installed clock
Behind home plate counts
It’s time to go.

Roller Coaster

I know its almost 1:30am, and technically tomorrow, meaning that I missed my deadline, but oh well! Also, since it’s late, and I’m incredibly tired, I wrote a hint fiction piece. For those of you who follow my blog, I’ve done this many times in the past. I learned about hint fiction during my undergrad at Queens College. For those that haven’t followed my blog, or don’t know about hint fiction, hint fiction is a story that is twenty five words or less. This took a lot longer than you would expect, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I hope you are too. Tomorrow, I’ll write something longer. Enjoy.

Roller Coaster

Feeling every little bump,
he grips the bar tightly.
His heart can’t take it,
and feels it, smiling,
as he goes down one last time.

Seeing Each Other for the First Time

This post is going to come from a prompt: Write about two people that see each other for the first time. Instinct tells me to do hint fiction, so that’s the plan, despite the limited number of likes it seems to generate. For those that don’t know, hint fiction is a story using twenty-five words or less. I’ll write more than one, so this post can’t be seen as a cop out. Try writing your own hint fiction. It’s tougher than you would think. Hope you enjoy.

Time Will Tell

Her eyes reminded him of home.
His hair brought her to the beach, her favorite place.
When she laughs, he laughs.

Love at first sight.

Blind Date

They knew each other
the moment they saw each other.
She said his eyes gave him away.
He said it was her smile.

A New Perspective

They dated for four years.
It took only one day, one mistake,
to realize that they were
looking at each other for the first time.


I just turned 22 the other day and my friends definitely made it one to remember. I’m going to write something birthday-related, but not related to what happened to me, even though it would be one hell of a story.



All kinds of emotions creep in.

Happy, but sad; nervous, too.

I look at the clock:


I laugh and move on like nothing happened.


Lately, I’ve been using the writing prompts on Reddit for inspiration. It’s tough writing flash fiction while working on a much longer story. I find it really hard to compartmentalize the two. I spend most of my creative energy on the bigger story because to me, it’s more important, so trying to come up with my own creative ideas for other potential stories is almost impossible. If you’re suffering from writer’s block, or just unable to get inspired, look up writing prompts on Reddit. I’m still surprised at how interesting all the prompts are.

If you couldn’t tell, this is going to be based off a prompt. I don’t remember what it was exactly; something to do with a robber getting robbed by his victim. My story will be a little different. It’s also going to be hint fiction, so pay attention.



My parents said to “take back what’s mine,”

and I did.

I thought I got my car back,

but later realized it’s the wrong model.

Working With Titles (Hint Fiction)

Sorry for not posting anything in a while. I want to say that I’ve been occupied, but I’d be lying. I’m trying to make more meaningful titles to stories. I feel like every time I write a blog post, I complain about not being able to come up with a title. Hint fiction is the perfect genre for titles because of the 25 word limit. In most cases, the title becomes a part of the story in order for the reader to believe they’re reading a complete story. I’m going to start writing a story to use as a sample for grad school, so I need to make sure all aspects of my writing are spot on.


On a random note, I finished reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Am I the only person that actually wished the book was longer? I don’t think I’ve read a book that felt more like a piece of art, rather than a piece of literature. I find it almost impossible trying to describe it to people, including you guys, so I won’t attempt knowing I wouldn’t be giving the book the respect it deserves.

Also, I’m graduating from Queens College in two days! I’ve never been more excited and scared in my entire life. I’ve been trying to find writing jobs on Long Island, but it seems that all the jobs are in the city and require years of experience that I don’t have…As English majors, I’m sure we can all relate, so I won’t get into it.

Now, my story.


The (Im)perfect Match


Toilet paper dangles off his shoe.

Too obsessed with looking perfect,

he doesn’t notice.


She steps on the paper,

too afraid to see someone embarrassed.


Does the title impact how you read the story?

How do you feel about the parentheses?

What would your title be?

What is more important? The title or the story? Why?